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HazMatID Elite
HazMatID Elite




HazMatID Elite

Handheld FT-IR Chemical Identifier

Feature highlights:

  • MIL-STD-810G certified for use in harsh conditions and high-temperatures
  • Integrated pressure device for analysis of solid materials, plus direct touch-to-sample capability
  • Automated analysis of mixtures with priority alerting for explosives, CWA, TIC and narcotics
  • Long-range, embedded RF wireless transmission

HazMatID Elite is a next-generation handheld unknown solid and liquid chemical identifier that performs an analysis in 1 minute or less.

Analysis is performed by placing a small amount of unknown substance onto the diamond ATR sensor and applying pressure with an integrated press for solid samples. The sample interface also includes an integrated well for the containment of liquid samples. A second, touch-to-sample, diamond ATR interface is available for rapid analysis of pooled liquids and surface films, and enables robotics applications.

HazMatID Elite has the widest thermal and solar operational range of any portable chemical identifier. Its revolutionary optical engine also provides high vibration immunity and resistance to mechanical disturbances seen during vehicle or human transport.

The HazMatID Elite user interface contains a large display screen and keypad controls for effective operation in protective gear and intuitive software.

PC-based command software provides advanced data handling capabilities for specialized users.

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