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An Inside Look at the 2021 Krypteia - Toor Knives

An Inside Look at the 2021 Krypteia - Toor Knives


Product Code: AINLATK


Hello from San Diego!

I’m happy to say that it’s THAT TIME, once again, here at Toor Knives…time for another epic blade to drop, that is!

After about 5 months of R&D and production, the team is extremely happy to see the Krypteia starting to get packaged, to ship. We have already received a large number of questions about the shape, design, and material changes, so I wanted to take a moment and go into detail about the updated version of this blade.

In early 2018 we launched the original Krypteia on the premise of creating a strong, concealable, smaller knife. It was an instant hit and immediately became a Toor best-seller. This knife allowed us to really dive into the “clandestine” style of blade, creating knives that could be carried on your kit in combat operations or inside the waistband on a night out with the family. We were able to use materials like cpm154 steel and charcoal dymalux, while creating an ergonomic shape that fit well in the hand but was also small enough to conceal.

In late 2020, we decided to refine the Krypteia even more. At this time, our team noticed an extreme demand for the utilitarian side of using the blade, while also having a tactical shape for self-defense or combative applications. In order to meet this demand, we took aspects of another one of our best-selling heritage blades, The Raider, and tied it into this new version of the Krypteia. Our goal was to create a midsize fighting knife with enough blade mass for utility work but still have key aspects of a tactical knife, such as a false edge and narrow tip for stabbing. We hit the drawing board and made it through 4 other profile shapes before we finally nailed the design on the 5th try, and the 2021 Krypteia was born.

The Krypteia now comes standard with ¼” cpm s35vn steel, which provides much more blade mass and allows for extremely tough work. We added a 120-degree false edge down to the tip, with 45-degree chamfers all the way around the blade to remove any sharp corners for extra comfort when concealing. Additionally, we thinned out the G10 handle, so the overall thickness is just over .6” thick and also gave it a smooth texture for extra grip and comfort, when carrying.

Our blades are always purpose-built and the Krypteia is an extremely versatile knife that should meet any need you require. Each one is made here in East County San Diego, by our talented team, and includes a Toor Knives KYDEX® sheath compatible with all our mounts.

For those of you looking for a blade that you can count on in any situation, here it is. Who knows, maybe you will see it one day as standard issue military gear. We can be hopeful, right?

The Krypteia will be available exclusively on www.toorknives.com, beginning on January 29th at 5pm PST. If you haven't already done so, sign up now on the site for an email notification that will let you know the moment inventory goes live - DON'T MISS OUT!

As always, the entire Toor Team is grateful for your continued support!


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